Hollimex started in 1980 as a supplier of stainless steel for the food and beverage industry, also called the light process industry. In this industry, we are very active and have become one of the largest distributors. We provide the highest quality products for businesses ranging from small scale bakeries and slaughterhouses to large scale process industries in dairy, beverage and food. Over the years, the range of Hollimex is ever expanding. As a result, we are currently active in almost all industries.


Besides our core stainless steel, also known as inox, our range has also expanded in recent years to include products in ferro and non-ferro metals such as steel, aluminium, copper, bronze, brass and rubber (profiles), plastics, (metal) hoses and accessories. We also provide adaptation and customization. Much of this work we carry out in our own service center.


Hollimex can now also offer a total package in terms of piping and process components, construction and installation materials, tools and processing equipment.


As a result of years of knowledge and experience we have become qualified advisors. We work with you and develop together with you the most effective applications and solutions. Expertise, price, quality, quick delivery and full service are our starting points.


Hollimex: helpful, versatile and complete!


Hollimex builds for the future! We listen carefully to our customers and continue to work on improving the performance of our products, services and capabilities. Here we find it important to innovate and invest in relationships, personnel, automation, logistics and new products. Quality and full service are paramount. At Hollimex you will find mainly products from certified producers.


More and more companies are finding their way to Hollimex and experiencing the wide range of possibilities and convenience. Through our total package, expertise, processing and distribution capabilities, we can quickly and objectively respond to your needs. As a result, we have become more and more interesting for, among others, end users, engineering firms, contractors, installers and piping contractors.


Hollimex functions for more and more companies as Industrial Key Supplier .


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