Why would you choose Hollimex? These are the advantages:


  1. versatile technical wholesaler that offers a large selection of stainless steel products, a wide range of duplex, alloys, ferro and non-ferro metals, plastics, hoses, tools, fasteners and accessories
  2. delivery of products from certified producers
  3. possibilities for customized modification and machining
  4. our own service center
  5. a flexible organisation
  6. 100% independent family business with 40 years experience
  7. competent advisors
  8. we take care of the whole process, including all documents
  9. guidance of projects 
  10. efficient en flexible logistics
  11. clear conditions
  12. we act as an industrial key supplier for an increasing number of companies.


Hollimex has become the standard supplier for many companies. As a proficient and reliable partner we guarantee quality, service and reliability. Clients see us as an extension of their organisation; We take responsibility for whole processes.


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